Four Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Private Charter Plane Vacation

Charter flights aren’t just for the super rich. In fact, if you and a small group of friends sign up together for a charter flight via a tourist company, the price per seat is often on par with coach on a traditional airline. Just don’t forget these four tips for making your charter plane vacation an unforgettable experience.

Bring Pets And Extra Luggage

In contrast to the big airlines, most private charter flight services allow friendly pets to roam around the cabin. You also won’t have a hard limit to the amount of baggage you can bring, since there’s generally no shortage of storage space.

This means that you’ll finally be able to take along all your favorite golf clubs or camping equipment to your exotic vacation. If you feel like bringing along the family dog, no one will be there to tell you not to.

Be Aware Of Whether The Cabin Is Pressurized

Some smaller charter planes have un-pressurized cabins, preventing them from traveling straight through inclement weather. Practically speaking, if you’re on such a plane, this means longer trips if a storm is in the way or even a full cancellation.

When booking your trip, be mindful of the type of plane you’ll be riding in and your destination’s climate. Especially if you’re going to a tropical area, you’ll need to plan for possible delays.

Self-serve Your Own Alcohol

Most of the smaller private charter planes won’t bring along a flight attendant unless you pay more for one. Luckily, the company like Airco Charters¬†will still provide plenty of complimentary alcohol that you can consume at your leisure.

If you ask in advance, you can even specify what brands and type of alcohol you want on your flight. You’ll also have the freedom to move around and socialize while drinking that you wouldn’t have on a traditional flight.

Ask About Stopping At Multiple Airports

Countries like Brazil encompass all sorts of obscure and interesting places that can only be accessed by airport. While it would be a huge amount of trouble to visit these areas normally, with a private charter, you can just tell your pilot to go to an interesting location.

As long as the weather’s clear, you’ll also be able to travel reliably and without unnecessary delays. Since checking in and out will be much simpler with a smaller flight, you’ll have plenty of time to both visit these locations and explore them thoroughly.

The sky’s the limit when purchasing a private charter plane vacation. Even when you get an arranged package, you’ll have much more freedom than you ever would on a traditional plane.

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