Planning A Large Group Vacation? Charter A Bus

Whether you are planning a trip with your extended family or a large group of friends, consider the convenience and ease of chartering a bus for your vacation.

Why Choose a Charter Bus?


Buses are one of the most inexpensive modes of transportation. A seat on a chartered bus is often a fraction of the cost of a plane ticket. Buses also save on the cost of local transportation once you arrive at your destination. You won’t need to rent a car, hire a taxi, or take public transportation to local attractions. Your chartered bus provides transportation for your entire trip, saving a lot of money.

Traveling by bus allows each person in a group to save a good amount of money, providing the opportunity to do more activities on a trip instead of spending money on transportation costs.


You can choose a charter bus based on the size of your group. Whether you have 10 people or 80 people, you can travel in style with no wasted space. Choosing the right size bus also allows you to maximize fuel efficiency and save on gas costs.


Buses are a comfortable way to travel. The seats on charter buses are larger, unlike cramped airplane seats. There are also only two seats on each side of the aisle in a charter bus, so nobody gets stuck in the dreaded middle seat.

Other charter bus comforts include televisions and DVD players, so you can remain entertained while traveling. Charter buses also provide a restroom. Any other method of driving would require pit stops along the way, increasing transportation time.

Several types of charter buses also provide electrical outlets, so that you can charge your electronic devices while traveling. This is a large plus in a world that depends highly on smartphones and laptops.

Besides driving your own group, a charter bus is the only mode of transportation that you don’t have to share with strangers. The entire bus is comprised only of your group’s members so you can be completely comfortable around everyone and not have to worry about sitting with strangers, or making small talk.

With a charter bus, nobody in your group has to drive, worry about directions, find gas stations along the way, or deal with pit stops for multiple people in their vehicle. You won’t have to deal with getting to the airport to check in hours before your flight or getting seats together. You won’t have to pick up rental cars or chauffeuring around the group in an unknown city. Charter buses take care of all of that for you, which is why they are the perfect mode of transportation for your large group trip. 

Talk to companies such as Denny Bus Lines Ltd for more information about using a bus for your next vacation or trip.

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