Tips For Staying Comfortable On A Long Coach Bus Ride

If you love to see the countryside and embark new adventures, taking a coach bus rather than an airplane to your next destination is a great idea. You’ll have the opportunity of watching the world pass by outside your window while someone else does the driving. Coach buses are also a fun place to meet other adventurous travelers who share your interest in seeing the world and experiencing all that life has to offer. Follow these tips to stay comfortable and entertained along the way.

Bring a Sweatshirt or Jacket

Coach buses are usually air conditioned, and since you’ll be mostly sitting still during your trip, you’re likely to get a bit chilly. Bring along a light jacket that you can slip on and off as needed. If you’re particularly prone to chilliness, you may even want to bring a thin blanket, especially if you’re planning on catching some sleep along the way.

Pack a Notebook and Pen

You’re likely to meet some cool people and have some fun experiences during your journey. If you have a notebook and pen handy, you can write them down so you never forget this. You’ll also have a place to doodle and “think on paper” if boredom should ever set in.

Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothes

Something stretchy and breathable will make it a lot easier to curl up in your seat and enjoy the trip. Sweat pants are a great idea, and if you’re female, leggings are a suitable option.

Bring Some Cash For Snacks

If you’re on a long coach ride, your bus driver will probably make a rest stop along the way so you can grab a few snacks and use the restrooms. Bring along some cash so you can grab your favorite drink or candy bar for some mid-trip refreshment.

Pack Baby Wipes

They’ll come in handy more often than you think. You can use them to wipe your hands after touching the seat belt and before enjoying a snack. You can wipe down your face when you’re feeling sticky after hours on the coach, and you can even use them to give your electronics a quick wipe down while you have the time.

Riding a coach bus to your destination is sure to be a memorable experience. Once you start utilizing this convenient and affordable method of travel, you may never go back to driving yourself or riding in a plane.

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