Put Down The Keys: Top Five Reasons You Should Call A Taxi Instead Of Driving Home Drunk

The next time you have too much to drink, do not get behind the wheel of your car. Instead, grab your phone and call a taxi. Taking a cab home may not be as convenient as taking your car, but it is the smart decision. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Getting caught drunk driving could cost you thousands of dollars

If you are convicted of drunk driving in Canada, you will face at least a $1,000 fine and lose your license for at least two years. That means you have to pay fines, pay cab or bus fares for over two years and pay an attorney to fight your charge.

You may also have to pay for increased insurance costs once you get your license back. Spending a few dollars or even a hundred on a cab is cheap in comparison.

2. Drunk driving can be deadly

In addition to financial costs, drunk driving can be deadly. Every year, over 1,000 Canadians die in car accidents involving impaired drivers. You do not want to die, and you certainly do not want the blood of a passenger or a pedestrian on your hands.

Instead of ending your night with potential vehicular homicide, let a professional driver get you home safely.  

3. You don’t have to leave your car behind

If you don’t want to leave your car away from your home, you can find taxi services that have ways of helping customers get their cars home. Some services have two drivers – one drives your car home and the other picks that driver up in a follow car.

However, the best way to avoid this is scenario is to just take a taxi both ways. If you know you are going somewhere with alcohol, just leave your car at home.

4. Riding your bicycle to get your car is great exercise

If you are already out with your car, don’t worry about leaving it out and taking a cab home. Instead, welcome the opportunity to get your car in the morning with your bicycle. A morning bicycle ride to your car is great exercise, and it might even help with your hangover.

5. You can safely take all your friends home

When you take a taxi home from a wild night on the town, you can also stop your friends from drunk driving. Instead of letting them jump in their own cars, invite them to the taxi with you. Most drivers are willing to make multiple stops, and you can find taxi vans that seat seven passengers or more. (For more information on taxis, click this link)

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