3 Most Unusual Hotel Amenities You’ve Never Heard Of

The amenities at a hotel are as important as the size of the room and the firmness of the mattresses. You might look for a hotel with a renowned chef or a special organic menu. Or you may be more concerned with the size of the pool or how well the hotel gym is equipped. Maybe you plan on spending most of your time in your room, and you want to know that the hotel you choose has great room service. These are all common amenities that travelers care about, and for most people a place like Canadas Best Value Inn will provide a sufficiently comfortable stay. But it you’re looking for a truly luxurious and uniquestay, you may want to take a look at some of the more unusual amenities some hotels have begun to offer their guests.

Pet Pampering

Have you ever had trouble just finding a hotel that would allow you to bring your beloved four-legged friend along? Sometimes it seems as if the only place to put your pet while you’re on vacation is in a kennel. Of course, that means paying for separate lodging for both of you. And it means that you’re stuck taking your vacation without your favorite furry family member.

 It’s possible that you’ve just been visiting the wrong hotels. Some hotels not only welcome your canine or feline companion, they actually provide special amenities just for your pet. Some of the most luxurious pet amenities out there include pet spa services that include pedicures and massages, pet room service, and gourmet treats. You may even be able to take advantage of a pet psychic to find out about all of your pet’s innermost thoughts and needs. 

Unusual Entertainment

The more fun you can have at your hotel, the longer you’ll stay and the more likely you are to recommend the place to others. That’s why so many hotels offer activities like horseback riding, cooking lessons, surf classes, and more.

But sometimes, the best activities take place right in your hotel room. Like pillow fights. Have you ever wanted to have a big, no-holds-barred pillow fight with your family but didn’t want to damage your own pillows or pick up all the feathers? At least one hotel apparently understands that desire, because they’ve created a pillow fight turndown option. Choosing the pillow fight option gets you 30 pillows, a few sets of boxing gloves, a CD, and some pillow fight game rules (who knew that pillow fights had rules?).

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping away from home can be tough, even for the most seasoned traveler. Good hotels do their best to provide you with a quiet and comfortable room and bedding, but how many really go all out to combat traveler’s insomnia? At least one does.

With the sleep concierge service provided by one prominent hotel, you choose your ideal pillow and bedding (with the help of a sleep expert) from many varieties of bedding based on the way that you like to sleep. If you’re still left counting sheep for some reason, you can access the hotel’s 24-hour sleep tip service for some hints on how to get a healthy night’s rest. You may actually return from your vacation feeling refreshed and rested instead of jetlagged and sleep deprived. 

The next time you’re planning a vacation, don’t limit yourself to looking for the best pools or hotel restaurants. What do you really want and need out of your hotel experience? Chances are that, whatever it is, there’s a hotel out there that provides it. 

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