3 Most Unusual Hotel Amenities You’ve Never Heard Of

The amenities at a hotel are as important as the size of the room and the firmness of the mattresses. You might look for a hotel with a renowned chef […]

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Put Down The Keys: Top Five Reasons You Should Call A Taxi Instead Of Driving Home Drunk

The next time you have too much to drink, do not get behind the wheel of your car. Instead, grab your phone and call a taxi. Taking a cab home […]

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Tips For Americans Renting A Car In Canada

For Americans, taking a trip to Canada combines the exotic nature of visiting a different country with the familiarity of the same language and similar customs. Like the United States, […]

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You, Your Kids, And Your Budget: Three Tips For Surviving An Extended Hotel Stay

Whether you are taking a long vacation or are in-between houses during a big move, an extended hotel stay can be expensive and difficult, especially if you have young children. Here […]

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Vacationing In Victoria, British Columbia? Four Fun Reasons To Pick A Downtown Hotel

Victoria, British Columbia, blends the quaint charm of old England with an active outdoor lifestyle. If a visit to this flower-loving city is in your future, here are four reasons […]

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Choosing Motels Over Hotels Can Help You Save Money

If you’re trying to save some money during your upcoming trip, consider staying at a motel a bit off the beaten path rather than a chain hotel at a highway […]

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Tips For Staying Comfortable On A Long Coach Bus Ride

If you love to see the countryside and embark new adventures, taking a coach bus rather than an airplane to your next destination is a great idea. You’ll have the […]

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Four Things To Book Ahead When Traveling

Sometimes, being spontaneous can be one of the best parts of your travels. Other times, it can cost you a lot of money and put a damper on your trip. […]

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Taxi Etiquette

For many people, taking a taxi is a rare occasion usually reserved for vacations or trips to the airport.  Since taxi rides are not something that are generally used frequently […]

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Four Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Private Charter Plane Vacation

Charter flights aren’t just for the super rich. In fact, if you and a small group of friends sign up together for a charter flight via a tourist company, the […]

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